November 27th 28th 29th

National Olympics Memorial Youth Center

Dear Members and Guests who are going to attend the conference now,


Hello, there are few seats to see the contests and keynote speech during the conference even though the formal time for application was end.

Steering committee decided to welcome people who decide to attend it now by worring about them who feel difficulties of registration throw the system of Peatix.


Please take this chance if you have not decided to join it yet.

You can send the form with data of your friends and families.

Please confirm about fee before sending it.
(You need to pay 3500yen for each contest)


Please ask us directry through club officers the way to pay the fee.

When the registration became full of seats including tour and Dinnar on Fri. 27th Nov., and Party on Sat. 28th Nov., the registration is closed.


You cannot cancel it after sending this form as same as formal registration.

Please put information on this sheet, and send it to this e-mail.


We really looking forward to seeing you the day.

Steering Committee of District 76 Fall Conference 2015

Evaluation Speech Contest

Keynote Speeches

The Evaluation Contest is a very unique contest, which is held once every four years.

In contrast with the ordinary speech contest, the contestants are challenged to evaluate a test speaker.


The contestants are judged by how they pick up a test speaker’s skills and by how they bring the speaker’s awareness to the area which he or she needs some attention to. 


The distinguished contestants who won each division of District 76 will gather at the Fall Conference 2015 and compete each other with his or her proven evaluation skills.


Don’t miss it!

We, members in Division E, are waiting for your visit to this national contest!


English Evaluation Contest Committee Chair

Kanagawa TMC
Kazuyuki Hosaka


Rory Vaden

Rika Oshima

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Honorable Guests of District 76 Fall Conference 2015

The Fall Conference 2015 committee members are now working energetically for the upcoming contest, which is going to be held at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center from November 27th to 29th.


At the conference, you could attend various workshops,  keynote speeches, and a reception following the evaluation contest. We wish the conference to be both educational and enjoyable.


The theme of the conference is "Enhance Your Ability for the Next Stage."

I cordially wish all participants, both Toastmasters and the guests, to enhance their abilities for their next stages in enjoyable atmosphere this conference offers.


As the chair of this Fall Conference 2015, I thank you for your support and enthusiasm that you are bringing to this Toastmasters' signature event.


I look forward to seeing you all at the Fall Conference.


Best regards,


Chair of District 76 Fall Conference 2015

Yoshikazu Kawakami, DTM